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Sheldon wear clothes to convey his emotions ! – Do you know that ?

I believe many many people have already seen the famous television called “The Big Bang Theory”. Maybe, you have seen all episodes. However, did you see the hidden information from this television ?

Okay, today, I want to say something about Sheldon’s Green Lantern t-shirt.

‘In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, No Evil Shall Escape My Sight.’ is one of the most memorable episodes of the Big Bang Theory.

green lantern lantern

So, how cool it will be if you have a Green Lantern t-shirt ?

Save the world now !

Sheldon Green Lantern short sleeve T shirt

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How to Buy a good and suitable T shirt?


Hello,everyone,today I will tell you how to buy a good t shirt.T-shirts are versatile wardrobe items. Today they are used as undergarments but also as fashionable outerwear for all members of the family. Quality and price of garments vary greatly. What are the characteristics of a quality Tshirt? What do you look for when comparing T-shirts to get the best buy?