2016 Spring Sale of March is now on ! – Save your money now !

With time going by, the March of this Spring is arriving. As the climate is becoming warmer and warmer, thick hoodies can be taken off and replaced by the light ones. How great that is ! Well, you might say, “Wow, I am able to no longer wear those thick, heavy and uncomfortable clothes right now !”  “That’s just cool !” things like that. Yeah, congratulations !

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Cheshire cat zip-up hoodie


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2016 Spring clothes style for men – Outdoor!

优雅之夏,OLOW 2016 春夏服装造型图集

Some people always prefer those clothes which advocates casual and carefree. The elegant attitudes toward life that These clothes interpret also let so many young people in drove.



Image you  ride your bicycles along the outdoor mountain road, and leave your figures in the lakes, mountain and roads. How beautiful that would be ! Owning such a wonderful life, maybe, you would feel much pleasured with other people around you.

Okay, let’s wear a t shirt and take our favorite bicycles to start a nice outdoor trip right now ! Let’s just do it !

优雅之夏,OLOW 2016 春夏服装造型图集

优雅之夏,OLOW 2016 春夏服装造型图集

优雅之夏,OLOW 2016 春夏服装造型图集

优雅之夏,OLOW 2016 春夏服装造型图集

优雅之夏,OLOW 2016 春夏服装造型图集

优雅之夏,OLOW 2016 春夏服装造型图集

优雅之夏,OLOW 2016 春夏服装造型图集

2016 Spring Sale is on now ! – Tshirtsky

Spring is coming nearer and nearer. Do you feel it now ? Do you love Spring ?

“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

Yeah, Spring is definitely our favorite season with so many green grass, flowers, butterflies, trees, which make the earth our world so beautiful and environmental-friendly for us to live !

“It’s Spring of the year again; It’s that time of year to put on new clothes again.”

Don’t know what to wear ? Don’t worry. Tshirtsky has thousands of t shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets and hats with unique design and good quality. All is just selected for you !

Tshirtsky provides our customers big savings discounts regularly to save your money.

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Sowrd Art Online t shirts and hoodies

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Thank you ! Have a nice day !

Tips on how to wash hoodies

How to wash your hoodies correctly to keep them soft and good in condition ? Today, I will tell you some of the tips I collected for you.


For regular clothes, washing is just meant to get rid of the dirty dusts and oil spots. However, what you need to do is more than this for washing hoodies.

You have to keep in mind the following 3 not-do things:

1. Don’t hurt the materials;

2. Don’t fade it off;

3. Don’t change the shapes.


How to maintain your hoodies ? I will show you the details below:


1. The temperature you should control is about 30 degrees, which is good for the cotton fabric of your hoodies;

2. Don’t use Bleaching agents because it does a lot of harm to your hoodies fibers;

3. Remember the rotation rate of the washing machine will break Fiber texture, so, you’d better wash your hoodies by hand, not machine;

4. Use Big clothes hanger to open the washed hoodies to dry in the air;

5. Ironing your hoodies below 110 degrees in case the ironing steam break hoodies;

6. Dry cleaning will break the fibrous tissue, so, don’t take them to the Laundry;

7. Don’t wash your hoodies with your other easily fade clothes together in case that hoodies will be stained, especially for the white hoodies;

8. With regard to printing hoodies, don’t iron and rub;

9. With regard to the zip hoodies, zip up the hoodies and then wash them in order to prevent one side zipper become loose;

10. Put your dry hoodies in the dry places.


That’s what I have concluded for you today. I will tell you more later.

Thank you for reading this article ! Hope it will be helpful to you.





Star Wars: The Force Awakens Technology Summary

(Star Wars: The Force Awakens Poster)


There has been a hot discussion of the weapons and stories about Star Wars: The Force Awakens after its broadcast.

Although 38 years has past since the first debut of Star Wars movie, the magic of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Ignited the enthusiasm of the audience once again. The “Force” became the key to promote the plot development and transition.

So, what exactly is the “Force” ? Does it really exist ? Whether  human beings can copy lasers used by Jedi Order? Does the protection cover of spacecraft conform to physical law ?


Which technologies has become true in Star Wars movies ? Which weapons and plots are coincidence with the physical principles ?Which weapons has influenced the research and development of modern weapons and will go to the real battlefield ?


Happy New Year 2016 Big Savings is on !


Hi, long time no see. Time flying, right now is a start of a new year 2016. Are you ready ?  We all have our own new wishes and aim for 2016, right ? Adults have their best wishes of earning more money, while kids wish they will perform better on their studies. No matter who you are, I’m here to send my best wishes to you.


To celebrate the new year 2016, Tshirtsky is now giving our dear customers big discounts to express our gratefulness for your support during the past years. Here are our January big savings for our customers:

1. For Music fans.

Music items


2. For One Piece fans:

One Piece items


Enjoy your shopping !  Happy New Year !



A Closer Look At Pixar’s Inside Out Movie


Pixar’s new blockbuster movie, Inside Out follows Riley (Kaitlyn Dias) from infancy to her teens. She has loving parents, supportive friends and she has a passion for playing hockey. Many of us wonder how emotions work and Pixar has successfully captivated the audience with their imagination via personified emotions.

Wonder Woman Movie to Start Filming This Fall 2015

4.Mario Brothers

Everyone is hyped about the DC movies to be released next year especially Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. Warner Bros have a lot in their hands lately when it comes to superhero movies. They have been paving the road for the much awaited Justice League movies which is said to begin filming in spring 2016. Of course, it all things have to be considered and that is the success of the first two DC movies. Justice League after all is a very big name in the comic world.

Reasons Why Jurassic World is a Must See

jurassic world

 We’ve seen the previous movies of the same franchise. The name Jurassic Park had really carved its name in film history and seeing its revival with the movie Jurassic World, it’s definitely something that you’d instinctively want to see. But we’ve all seen film flops before—and I tell you now, this is not one of them. Here are the reasons why Jurassic World is a must-watch, and definitely not a movie you’d want to miss out on!

Kuroko no Basket vs. Slam Dunk!


Kuroko no Basket and Slam Dunk are two well-loved animes of the sports shounen genre, and as one who has watched both series with equal enthusiasm and fervor, I can’t help but compare them and see where the differences and similarities lie.