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Everyone is hyped about the DC movies to be released next year especially Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. Warner Bros have a lot in their hands lately when it comes to superhero movies. They have been paving the road for the much awaited Justice League movies which is said to begin filming in spring 2016. Of course, it all things have to be considered and that is the success of the first two DC movies. Justice League after all is a very big name in the comic world.



Zack Snyder is the one responsible for overseeing the connections of the DC shared Universe; which is a thing for comic books turned movies nowadays. His team is creating the structure for the superhero team-up of Ben Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavill’s Superman AND Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.


Patty Jenkins (Monster) is the director in charge of filming Wonder Woman this fall. On the other hand, Snyder will start production of his DC movie; Justice League in the spring of 2016 after Jenkin’s finishes production with Wonder Woman. There is plenty of time for CGI, graphics and all other post production effects to take place since the movies will both likely be aired in 2017. For fans, it’s another long wait. The question is, will it be worth waiting for?

Looks like Gadot will have to get used to the newly designed Wonder Woman armor, the filming is said to be moving steadily. There have been differences in the history of Wonder Woman, both in the comics, big screen and television adaptations; well, fans should be pleased with the modern uptake on Wonder Woman getting her very own movie and the release date looming closer, it’s something that we look forward to.


Several unbased rumors have also been clarified including Wonder Woman’s love interest in the film, Steve Trevor who will be played by Chris Pine. Though there are still lots of mixed reactions to Diana’s new overhaul and Gadot being casted as the Amazon princess; at least we get to get a glimpse if she does deserve the title with her debut appearance in the Batman V Superman movie on March next year.


While the Batman V Superman’s movie will give us lots of action especially when it comes to the two big superheroes in the DC universe, it will also give us a glimpse of their chemistry and dynamic as a team, Wonder Woman alongside them. The three being pioneers of the Justice League, we will get an idea in the movie as to how things would work for them and how their team will help shape up the DC shared universe. Though there are still lots of things left unanswered and Warner Bros. being mum about a lot of things, it seems that it’s an effective ploy to keep people hooked on the news for these movies.


Will the first DC movies follow the depiction of the Justice League in the comic world? Or will they have a different, surprising turn?

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