How to wash your hoodies correctly to keep them soft and good in condition ? Today, I will tell you some of the tips I collected for you.


For regular clothes, washing is just meant to get rid of the dirty dusts and oil spots. However, what you need to do is more than this for washing hoodies.

You have to keep in mind the following 3 not-do things:

1. Don’t hurt the materials;

2. Don’t fade it off;

3. Don’t change the shapes.


How to maintain your hoodies ? I will show you the details below:


1. The temperature you should control is about 30 degrees, which is good for the cotton fabric of your hoodies;

2. Don’t use Bleaching agents because it does a lot of harm to your hoodies fibers;

3. Remember the rotation rate of the washing machine will break Fiber texture, so, you’d better wash your hoodies by hand, not machine;

4. Use Big clothes hanger to open the washed hoodies to dry in the air;

5. Ironing your hoodies below 110 degrees in case the ironing steam break hoodies;

6. Dry cleaning will break the fibrous tissue, so, don’t take them to the Laundry;

7. Don’t wash your hoodies with your other easily fade clothes together in case that hoodies will be stained, especially for the white hoodies;

8. With regard to printing hoodies, don’t iron and rub;

9. With regard to the zip hoodies, zip up the hoodies and then wash them in order to prevent one side zipper become loose;

10. Put your dry hoodies in the dry places.


That’s what I have concluded for you today. I will tell you more later.

Thank you for reading this article ! Hope it will be helpful to you.





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Last Modified: January 22, 2016

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