Kuroko no Basket and Slam Dunk are two well-loved animes of the sports shounen genre, and as one who has watched both series with equal enthusiasm and fervor, I can’t help but compare them and see where the differences and similarities lie.1,Modern vs. Classic

When I came across Kuroko no Basket, I couldn’t help but think that it was a modern version of Slam Dunk, certainly with better animation and the character design was to my cup of teas exactly. Slam Dunk has a more realistic design to their characters as opposed to the ones in Kuroko which has a whole slew of bishounen characters (not that I’m complaining).

The animation also speaks for itself. Kuroko no Basket has smoother transitions between movements while Slam Dunk has the early animation feel, which is why I would call the series a classic, which isn’t actually a bad thing.

One thing I’ve also noticed is how “brightly coloured” Kuroko no Basket is to Slam Dunk, though that could mostly be because of the assorted hair colors that’s the characters have in Kuroko no Basket, while Slam Dunk is more grounded to black and brown hair—again a testament to how more realistic Slam Dunk is to Kurkoko no Basket.

2,Main Characters

The main characters in Kuroko no Basket is also markedly different from the one in Slam Dunk, most notably how Kuroko has two main protagonists while Slam Dunk has one, although I do see a bit of Sakuragi in Kagami, but no so much as to say that they’re of the same characters personality (even though they are both hotheaded redheads).

The team members between both anime are also different. Akagi, the team captain who is stern and with a dominating presence is pitted against Seirin’s Hyuuga who is also stern but is also less noticeable in terms of size and stature than Akagi, as Shohoku’s captain seem to be more intimidating.

Another is the absence in internal rivalries in Seirin, as everyone in the Kuroko no Basket team to get along well enough, while Sakuragi insists on going up against Rukawa, for more reasons than basketball.

3,Basketball Tricks

Of course, with both shows being anime, and thus extending towards the impossible, with inhuman basketball skills, I can definitely say Slam Dunk has a more…tamer skill set than in Kuroko no Basket, where even human abilities are put to the test. Like I said on my first point, compared to Kuroko no Basket, Slam Dunk seems to be a lot more grounded in reality than with Kuroko no Basket.

4,Plot and Main Focus of the Anime

The similarities with the plot are that both teams aim to be number one, with a whole slew of great competitors to defeat, obstacles are overcome and brotherhood reigns! Mainly. The one stark difference between the two is, well, romance.

Sakuragi’s motivation to join basketball stems from his need to impress his love interest. Kuroko no Basket is a testosterone field with a hodgepodge of estrogen mixed him at rare intervals.

5,Love for Basketball

But, in the end, the main focus of a sports anime is their love for the sport and both shows clearly portray it in their characters. With all the differences and similarities, it’s hard to say which show I loved more. I enjoyed both shows equally and cheered for both teams and got attached to each anime’s characters just as much.

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Last Modified: September 4, 2015

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