Pixar’s new blockbuster movie, Inside Out follows Riley (Kaitlyn Dias) from infancy to her teens. She has loving parents, supportive friends and she has a passion for playing hockey. Many of us wonder how emotions work and Pixar has successfully captivated the audience with their imagination via personified emotions.



Throughout the course of her childhood, Riley’s emotions have been led by Joy (Amy Poehler), the exuberant and positive persona that has helped her throughout childhood. She was able to help Riley through tough times (as tough as a child could get it in her life) because of this, Riley was able to store happy memories.


When her father announced that they are moving to San Francisco due to his stressful new job, she takes it with a positive note thanks to Joy’s help. However, Sadness (Phyllis Smith) is not far in the background and is affecting her slowly.


Joy does her best to keep Riley focused on the bright side but due to several circumstances, she faces disappointments and that in turn is causing chaos inside of her. Joy; in a desperate attempt to help Riley, tampers with her memory logging system. In a turn of events, both Joy and Sadness become stranded in her Long Term Memory causing even more chaos.


To keep Riley from falling apart, Disgust (Mindy Kaling), Fear (Bill Hader), and Anger (Lewis Black) attempt to help keep Riley together as she faces one frustrating situation after another while Joy and Sadness embark on the journey back to their headquarters. The three do their best to keep Riley from going to a mental breakdown but Disgust, Fear and Anger are not the best mix when it comes to dealing with frustrating situations. In turn Riley seems more detached from the world and has outbursts even when facing her parents.image003



Pete Docter, the director for Pixar’s previously successful film, Up has once again bought us a dynamic and beautiful film that delves into the minds and emotions of people. The balance between how Riley perceives the world in real life and her internal conflicts plus the addition of her emotions in action is guaranteed hit for both adults and children. How Riley deals with each situation shows through her emotions giving the story a more literal emotional twist due to the unique perspectives it has bought us.


Inside out showcases colorful (again literally) characters that young viewers will enjoy watching while the more mature audience will also get to witness Inside Out’s take on how the mind works. The film delves more into the realm of psychology but in a more entertaining yet sophisticated factor in play with our emotions and how it influences us. This brings the audience a chance for reflection regardless of their age.


Riley experiences some relateable and heartwarming real life situations which tugs at the heartstrings and which is the hallmark of Pixar movies, to make movie goers not just be entertained but experience a movie filled with emotion and brilliant story telling.

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